Support and Collaboration Agreements

From the Seville Mosque Foundation we are proud to have already signed agreements for support and collaboration with the following organizations, institutions, and other entities.

This is just the beginning of a collaboration great project that we hope to increase with universities and other related institutions around the world.

EMU – European Muslim Union –

A no governmental organization, non-profit, registered in the European Union and scope throughout Europe. It is composed of several organizations and entities of the European Union, associated to serve the Muslim community in Europe and to promote and facilitate dialogue and mutual improvement societies and Muslims


CIE – Islamic Community in Spain –

CIE is the founder of Seville Mosque Foundation and its president is the president of this. Through CIE we have representation in the Islamic Commission of Spain, the representative body of Islamic religious communities before the Administration, adopted in Law 26/1992.


Granada Mosque Foundation –

The opening of the Great Mosque of Granada in the summer of 2003 marked a historic milestone. It represents the restoration of a lost link and points continuity, after a hiatus of 500 years of fruitful and enriching tradition in all spheres of human endeavor.


Muslim Lawyers –

The IZ Medien Service, “Muslim Lawyers” is a service to the Islamic community and anyone dealing with Muslims or Islamic countries. This partnership enables any Muslim facing a legal problem can find professional legal assistance anywhere in the world.

Kanoute Foundation – .

Founded by Frederic Umar Kanoute, The Children City, Sakina, it brings together several services and facilities for the needs of orphans and disadvantaged children. The project consists of a school, a vocational training center, a health center, a small building for administration and facilities for leisure and sport; children also reside in ten homes with foster mothers, giving them a proper family environment.

Muslims of Norwich – 

The Ihsan Mosque in Norwich was the first mosque in the UK established by British converts. In addition to this central community, the mosque has a very broad participation of Muslims from every corner of the earth, Africa, Arabia, Pakistan and Malaysia.


Al Andalus Educational Foundation – 

With the only proposal of the establishment of primary schools, secondary, high school and vocational training as well as universities when the time comes, which will be instituted as centers of education and culture in dynamic interaction with the social environment where they are locked and families, in accordance with the principles of Islamic tradition and in harmony with the highest values of western European tradition.


Islam Hoy –   (Islam Today)

Islam Hoy Media is the audiovisual communication platform for Spanish-speaking Muslims; to foster unity of Muslims, to introduce Islam and the Muslims correctly and increase the society where we are actively and positively.

Islamische Zeitung –

Islamic newspaper, German speaking, leader and reference in Germany, where the Muslim population now exceeds 4 million.

The Muslim Faculty –

The Muslim Faculty of Advanced Studies is an academic organization whose participants are actively engaged in the study, teaching and research in order to identify roots of systemic diseases of modern society and planning for the implementation of vital knowledge and practices achieving recovery and civic renewal.


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