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Journalism students reception from the University of Seville

Last Sunday, during the weekly meeting for group recitation of Qur’an and coffee after it, we had the pleasure of receiving two journalism students from Seville, with polite courtesy, who requested the collaboration of Muslim women for their final work on the “Islamic Feminism”. They were received by Khadiya Martinez and Atika Jiménez in a fruitful and cordial meeting in …

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Cairo: the inconsiderate friend that you can’t help but love him, by Hafiz Luqman Nieto

Written by Hafith Luqman Nieto, communication & media manager of the Seville Mosque Foundation, from Cairo, where he has been perfectioning his arabic and tajwid for the past few months. This story is taken from his blog Originally published in English. Cairo: the inconsiderate friend that you can’t help but love him. Hafiz Luqman Nieto Cairo is a big, big city. It’s …

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Report of the conferences organized by Zawiya Al-Alawiya with the collaboration of the Islamic Community Al-Ihsan, Melilla

Claiming the role of the Sufi tradition within Islam in the face of other more radical and fanatical currents was one of the most repeated messages yesterday in the conferences framed at the II Conference on Sufism in Melilla, organized by the Zawiya Al-Alawiya with the collaboration of the Islamic Community Al-Ihsan. Sulayman de Diego, a university researcher of Islamology, …

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