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Visit and talk by Moulay Shafiq Al-Idrissi, Thursday 27th of October.

On thursday after isha (21h), we will have the pleasure and honor to welcome Moulay Shafiq Al-Idrissi forma Morocco. Imam Khatib from Lalla Asma Mosque of Rabat. Who will give a talk after salat and a light evening of dhikr. At the end of it, a dinner will be served. From the Seville Mosque Foundation we invite and encourage you …

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#ATileForSeville – EPISOD 11 of 24 – Meeting with Spanish Hufath and Ibrahim Kholilul, from Indonesia.

EPISODE 11 of 24. Meeting with Spanish Hufath, Karim, Jalid and Daud and Ibrahim Kholilul, EU researcher from Indonesia, that lived in Seville for three years. Starring…Farah Fauzana, Diana Amir, Heliza Helmi and Fynn Jamal! #ATileForSeville Campaign by Ukhwah for Ummah, Malaysia. For more information please visit Kenapa kami anjurkan kempen A Tile for Seville? Kenapa kami ingin membina masjid …

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Shahada of Abdel Razak – A new muslim.

Today, Friday 21st of October, after Jumua, we had the honor of witnessing a new Shahada, from Carlos, now Abdul Razak. The shahada is the belief and testimony that there is no God but Allah and that Muhammad is His messenger. The definition of the shahada, is to express it with the tongue and to believe it with your heart. …

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