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Monday 13th of June, Shahada of Muhammad – A new Muslim.

The shahada is the belief and testimony that there is no God but Allah and that Muhammad is His messenger. The definition of the shahada, is to express it with the tongue and believe with your heart. It’s the moment of public acceptance of Islam, which is to say with sincere and self-belief the shahada in front of Muslim witnesses, and to accept …

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Photo Reportage: #ATileForSeville

From the Seville Mosque Foundation we want to give our most since gratitude to the ONG Ukhwah for Ummah, for its initiative and great effort in the campaign #ATileForSeville. A campaign starring the famous Malaysian artists; Farah Fauzana (Radio DJ and TV presenter), Heliza Helmi (Presenter TV and singer), Fynn Jamal (Singer and writer) and Diana Amir (Actress and presenter), in order …

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Invitation to the day of coexistence of the Senegalese community in Seville

It has been an honor and pleasure for the representatives of the Seville Mosque Foundation to have been invited to this event, for many years the ‘Association 7 unites us for the development of Seville’, has been celebrating in these dates with the presence of Sidi Ahmed Sy, leader and spiritual guide of this association. The participation of Sidi Ahmed …

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