The activities of the Islamic Cultural Center of Seville, will aim to make Seville an Islamic cultural reference worldwide. Making emphasis in the historical legacy of Seville, seeking the enrichment of the city and giving the due recognition throughout the Muslim world. The activities shall be open to the city, seeking with this clarification and better living. Giving great importance to children and youth activities.



Events and Congresses Organization

We will organize events and conferences, both of which are internally organized as those fitting the center work line organized by others, opening doors to these events to Islamic institutions and any other organizations worldwide.



With these lectures it is to attract speakers from all around the Islamic world to give lectures at the highest intellectual level about current affairs, cultural, historical, medical, education, etc.



Classes may change according to demand, with a constant and already established base of Quran, Arabic and the basics of Islam, for children and youth. We will also continue the successfully classes for new Muslims and people interested in learning more about Islam. Other classes will be added when the time comes, as they may be history classes, science, literature, etc.


The workshops will be one of the keys to this project of activities. We consider it a basic, because it is a great tool for rapprochement and clarification in a natural and relaxed way. Workshops of all kinds will be made from biological and ethnic cooking, bakery, pottery, calligraphy, childbirth and lactation, reading, Andalusian arts, children education, etc.



Besides regular classes, there will be intensive courses as well as student exchange courses. In the same way, summer courses, where, using Seville as a base, we can travel with students throughout the Al-Andalus legacy.


The Market

The market will be in the gardens of the Cultural Centre, starting once a month. A food and craft market, with special attention to quality, making it attractive to both citizens and visitors, and with live music. The market will be open to both visitors and traders, for the entire city.

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