We want to make the architectural space of the project not only shines by the external beauty but also for the constant focus of activity. It will be designed so that it is inviting, homely not only for the thousands of Muslims in the city and visitors but for the residents of the city too. An open place on principles and architecture.

Reception and information

Despite the different areas within the center, the reception will be common to all of them, from there will be addressed and resolved all queries that may arise.

Conference Hall

An active space for the dissemination of knowledge. A hall accessible to use by different organizations. It will be equipped with audiovisual equipment for events hosting.


The offices will be of two types, internal use for the direction and management of the center and those available to the public services. Holding from a business and investment office, tourism, immigration and legal advice to the doctor’s office.

Praying Hall

Mosque; comes from the Arabic word mashed and means place of prostration. This space for the establishment of the five obligatory prayers and the Friday Jumu’a should be a capacious, clean and safe place. With space for men and women and fitted with an area with the necessary for ablutions before prayer.

Both the interior and exterior of this great Mosque will be design as similar as possible to the thousands of mosques from the Al-Andalus time, that we can still see vestiges of them in this great city. A space that adds to the architectural and cultural heritage of Seville


A library specializes in the world Islamic dissemination and study, as well as the Arab legacy. It will have a large collection of reference books available to everyone who wants to use it, along with an on-line catalog consultation in order to make it more accessible.

Social Lunchroom

The social lunchroom will help with the needs of visitors, receptions, workers and the possibility of serving people with financial difficulties. We want to start serving a meal every Friday after Yumu’a prayer.


Nature is a constant throughout the Islamic world, gardens and fountains has always been places of great importance. The gardens will be of public access, helping to improve the conditioning and beauty of the environment.

Classrooms / Classes / Workshops / Children

To accommodate the different activities that are to be hold, the center’s facilities will have classrooms where classes will be held or workshops, spaces for children such as kindergarten and multipurpose rooms for press conferences, conventions and events of all kinds.


The idea of making the Islamic Cultural Centre of Seville self sufficient, force the project provide elements that produce benefits, as they could be shops, generating a productive activity from a socioeconomic perspective. The possibilities are immense and can accommodate almost any business.

Restaurant / Coffee Shop

Either the center, or any tenant renting it, will take responsibility in operating the restaurant / coffee shop with a halal distinctive, a concept that is synonymous of healthy, permitted or quality. Making it a tourist attraction for the growing Muslim tourism.



A public car park with the largest number of places possible, will offer, once again, the option of supplying financial means to the Islamic Cultural Centre of Seville to comfortably develop the intended tasks and improve parking options in the area in which is locate.

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