Islam is service, and we want to make the Islamic Cultural Center of Seville an example of this. A service to the growing Muslim community and the city in general. A place from which to give and contribute, from which to offer and transmit at all possible levels.

Here we present a descriptive list of the services that we hope to offer the city.

Receiving delegations and authorities, etc.

One of the key services will be receiving personalities, in order to be the reference of Islam not only in Seville and Andalusia, but in Spain. We thus hope to attract to Seville authorities, businessmen and celebrities of the Muslim world. Making this service available to local authorities and the Chamber of Commerce of Seville to collaborate when appropriate. 

Medical Section

The future medical services and activities that are part of the Islamic Cultural Center of Seville fall into a general framework for diffusion of medical-scientific historical heritage with professional Muslim doctors graduated and skilled, giving service to the society of Seville.

The specific objectives would aim to:

  1. Provision of medical consultation to cover primary care medical services. It will be available to the public in general and Muslims in particular.
  2. Diffusion of the medical-scientific historical heritage of medicine in Islam.
  3. Creating a Reference Advisory Body for Muslims in health/social/religious themes, with close cooperation with the Ministry of Health of the Government of Andalusia, in Public Health and Preventive Medicine issues.
  4. Establishment of an International Council of Health in Islam as a point of world reference in bioethics in Health issues in countries where Muslims live and can serve as a general reference.

Weddings, pilgrimage to Mecca and Burials

Within our facilities, we would designate an office where Muslim weddings, pilgrimages to Mecca and burial for Muslims are managed. It will be a service for the Muslims in the city.

– For the weddings we will just take care of the legal form established by Islamic traditions. Making sure all the requirements are present and providing the required documentation.

– The pilgrimage to Mecca is an obligation for every Muslim, as long as their means allows them. Offering this service our sole purpose is to organize travel packages to facilitate this obligation for Muslims in our city.

– It is established by the Spanish Constitution and the Law 26/1992, through which agreements were signed and rights to Muslims in Spain were recognized, that each person is free to be buried with their rituals according to their beliefs. This service will be made available to the family of the deceased with a proper burial provided by Islamic ritual and meeting the standards parameters set by Health Care. This will work in collaboration with the “Umma Islamic Community of Seville”, which have lead the Muslim cemetery management for over 30 years.

Schools and Colleges Receptions

The main purpose of this service is to show the young people what is Islam, to facilitate them to grow without prejudice so they may be examples of respect and coexistence. We will explain what is to be a Muslim, so they can differentiate religion from culture and respond to their concerns.

Translation and Publication of Andalusian texts

We would undertake translations, study and research of texts and documents, both current documents and from the time of the Muslims in Al-Andalus, always seeking for the dissemination of knowledge, making it accesible to the Spanish-speaking people. Also an office where official certified translation will take place for anyone who requires them.

Social Lunchroom

We want to launch the development of a social lunchroom for everyone, to help meeting the basic needs of people with difficulties. Starting from serving food every Friday after the Jumu’a prayer (Friday prayers).

Legal Advice

Advice in all matters relating to Islamic affairs. For example the beginning and end of Ramadan, marriages, business contracts, advice and management on immigration issues, etc. 

Exhibitions, art, photography, calligraphy, etc.

With this service we want to open an artistic and cultural window to the Islamic world. We will designate a room to exposed and keep the samples within a set schedule, so we can always have a person as a guide to explain the meaning.

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