Those who give away their wealth by night and day, secretly and openly, will have their reward with their Lord. They will feel no fear and will know no sorrow. 2/274

Those who spend their wealth in the Way of Allah, and then do not follow what they have spent by demands for gratitude or insulting words will have their reward with their Lord. They will feel no fear and will know no sorrow. 2/262

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Bank Details:

Name: Fundación Mezquita de Sevilla
Bank: La Caixa
Account Number: 2100 2143 6702 0029 0524
IBAN (Digital Format): ES9021002143670200290524
IBAN (Paper Format): IBAN ES90 2100 2143 6702 0029 0524

Seville Mosque Foundation was created in 2005 as a legal tool, to represent the Muslims of Seville and for the construction of the Mosque and Cultural Center. The foundation is registered in the Ministry of Education and Culture, 651CUL. Since then, more than 15 years ago, we have been working unceasingly in this initiative.

In january 2014, three years ago, the board of the Seville Mosque Foundation was renewed, and with the intention to give the city a space that meets the needs of the Muslim population. A project that has been carried out since the beginning in an open and transparent manner, facing the people from the city and institutions, through our media and by all national and international media.

During this time the Seville Mosque Foundation has done an extensive and successful work gaining governmental support, institutional and financial support for this purpose in different countries.

The project of the Islamic Cultural Center of Seville is based on the successful precedent that has led to the Mosque of Granada, and its Cultural Center, which has almost 20 years of baggage, as an example of coexistence with neighbours and authorities from the city. Which like the Seville Mosque Foundation is due to the State agreements with the Islamic Commission of Spain, through its founder, the Islamic Community in Spain.

A project based on service, bean involve and with social responsibility, and with the duty of strengthening the links of all members from the Seville society. The Islamic Cultural Center of Seville, undoubtedly, will open new doors to a space for dialogue that will transform into wealth at all levels. A space of relationship that takes Islam and the Muslims away from locals and garages, a place where Islam can be seen by its reality and light.

In our website you will find detailed information of the project of the Islamic Cultural Center, Mosque & Awqaf of Seville, and a promotional video.

If you would like to be part of this project, support and help us in any way you can, and you would like more detailed information, please do not doubt to get in contact with us.

At present we are placing our maximum efforts and resources in the project of the Mosque of Seville, and more precisely in the purchase of the land for its construction, while we continue with the on going activities, services, education and maintenance at our current centre.

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