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Zakat FAQ

How do I know if I have to pay zakat? The nisab, or minimum amount, is the equivalent of 85 grams of gold (20 gold dinars) or 595 grams of silver (200 silver dirhams) in the local currency (this would amount to 3885€ in gold and 306€ in silver, to 01/01/2020). This minimum wealth must have been in possession for …

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Receive Zakat

Who can receive Zakat? The stipulated categories that Zakat can receive in the Qur’an are 8: (1) the needy, (2) the poor, (3) who work to collect and distribute it, (4) those whose hearts are tamed (close to Islam), (5) to rescue slaves, (6) for those overwhelmed by debts, (7) for those who strive in the cause of Allah, (8) …

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Pay Zakat

What kind of wealth does Zakat pay? The wealth on which Zakat is to be paid is: Personal wealth and assets (if they exceed the Nisab and are not for personal use, such as a house or jewelry); liquid assets or of which a profit is expected; agricultural products; won; treasures, mines, etc. In addition, there are three main conditions …

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What is Zakat?

What is it? Zakat is the third pillar of Islam and consists of the percentage of accumulated surplus wealth that is not used during a lunar year, provided that the nisab has been reached (minimum amount to be paid), which the Muslim has the obligation to pay. The literal meaning of the Arabic word Zakat is growth, increase and purification. …

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Zakat Seville

Zakat is the third pillar of Islam and an obligation, as well as prayer or fasting in Ramadan, for every Muslim who meets the requirements for it. In addition, Zakat is a right of those who receive it over the wealth of those who have to pay it. It is also a way of putting wealth in circulation in society …

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