Receptions and Attention

Group Receptions

The mosque is open for all prayers and during our regular activities that you can check here, but we make an effort to receive all those who wish to visit the musal-la in a different time.

We happily attend official delegations, travelling groups or tourist, school groups and other people. We will try to accommodate them and have the installations ready for their use, as long as they requested with enough time.

We can also prepare special programs with presentation and lectures for those interested, such as groups of students, as long as it is requested with enough time and the agenda allows it.

Reception of students, researchers and media

The Seville Mosque Foundation has an open policy about communication and we put a lot of emphasis on being available and answer all those who have doubts, want to clarify opinions or have any other query.

We might be contacted through email or phone and we can also arrange face to face interviews.

We understand that part of normalizing the situation of Islam and the Muslims is to convey and clear and open message.