We believe in a model of Islam that functions as developer of civilization. That is why we have conceived our project of the Islamic Cultural Centre of Seville as the best way to relate to the city, our human, historical and institutional environment. A city that has inherited a great heritage of Islam in wealth and representation over time.

In this new moment, the Spanish Muslims, neighbours of Seville, want our city to shine as it has throughout its history, containing a building that stands out for its beauty and elegance, bringing something new to what the city offers. Something that will undoubtedly open new doors to the already attractive offer and create a space for dialogue that will be transformed into wealth in all orders. A space of relationship that takes Islam and Muslims out of the undergrounds and warehouses, and where Islam can be appreciated for its reality and its light.

A civilizing, dynamic and living Islam, which spread from East to West, which was not exclusive of cultures, but was rather a vehicle of relationship between areas as far away as Indonesia and the Maghreb. An Islam that is totally against any radical position. From the understanding of the verses of the Qur’an where Allah expresses that ¨Mankind! We created you from a male and female and made you into peoples and tribes so that you might come to know each other. ¨49/13, emanates a fundamental axiom of our project: “In diversity lies our richness.”

We recognize ourselves as European Muslims. Not only by location, but by education, and we conceive culture beyond the expressive form of its identity, of peoples and countries, of the way of responding to their daily needs, or of individual experience. We understand it by the universal conception, thought medicine, its relationship with wealth, its technical form, its literature and all the arts that allow the development and growth of the human being.

The framework where our project is inspired is the Imaret, which was traditionally conceived containing spaces for teaching, for health, library and study rooms, soup kitchen, spiritual centre and mosque. As an element that is the creative pattern of culture and civilization. A space of gathering by virtue of the activities and services it provides.

At the same time, we understand that, to attract a new source of wealth to the city, it must contain a business and investment centre and a tourist office that relate the values of Seville with all the traditional lands of Islam.

With the success of this project, God willing, this contribution will enrich the city in all the aforementioned aspects, and we will be able to glimpse a horizon that establishes a relationship with Islam beyond the strict religious framework that is being imposed on it, so that the city, its inhabitants and institutions, understand that this project responds to a need of its citizens that formulate it to enrich coexistence and social development.