The Seville Mosque Foundation wants to facilitate the act of marriage according to the Sharia to all those who want to do it. At the same time, the marriage is a Sunna and we believe that it is a very important institution for the life of a Muslim, so we try to make sure that all the necessary requirements, according to the Maliki Fiqh, are met.

A Marriage is the signing of a contract in front of witnesses in which both spouses commit to living together according to Islam. Being a contract there are certain requirements.

In the first place, a prior appointment must be arranged so that the person in charge of this process will interview the couple. The following documentation must be provided:

  1.  Identification (DNI, NIE or passport) of both spouses
  2. Certificate of being single
  3. The woman must have a wakil (male relative to accompany her, if she could not, an alternative would be studied)
  4. The man must provide the agreed dowry between the spouses.

It is not necessary for the wakil to attend the first appointmet, but it is recommended, and it is not necessary to bring the dowry at that moment.

Once this previous appointment has taken place, the person in charge will arrange a day and time with the spouses to carry out the writing of the contract.

On the agreed date the writing of the contract will take place. For this it is necessary that:

  1. Both, man and woman and her wakil, plus two witnesses, are present; all with their proper identification.
  2. The dowry is given (full or a part of it and another postponed)
  3. The person in charge will act as registrar of the contract and will certify that everything that has happened has happened according to the Sharia, according to the will of those present and in front of witnesses, and this will be reflected in a written contract.

It is important to emphasize that this document does NOT have legal or civil validity, it is a private contract according to the Sharia.

If either of the spouses are Moroccan then the marriage must take place in the Moroccan consulate, which, according to the Maliki Fiqh, has the same validity in the Sharia as the one that we perform at the mosque, as requested by the Moroccan Consulate in Seville.

In order to ensure a proper performance of the marriage contract, we will only undertake those marriages in which one of the spouses is a resident in Seville.

Please send us an email to with your details and we will get in contact with you as soon as possible.