Salat Timetable

Above is the Salah timetable for Ramadan for the year 1445ah. The Khutba of the Yumua commences at 15h throughout the year. There is space for both men and women for Jumua and for all other activities.

Salat timetable, courtesy of Yahya Garcia.

This timetable has not been downloaded from any website, but is the result of knowledge and the work done by Yahia Garcia.

Not only it gives us –in a useful and consistent manner- the prayer times, is at the same time indicating accurately the beginning and end of the lunar months; always bearing in mind that according to the Sunna, the calendar is determined by the eye sighting of the crescent moon the evening that closes on the 29th of each month. To prevent atmospheric and astronomical limitations on the day of observation, information is supplemented by other observers and/or services in a given reference area: geographic proximity, the affinity of the procedure and the Sunna and the quality of observation, among other factors.

To know more about the foundations on which this time table is based on, please click here.

Yahya García got his science doctorate (Mathematics) from the University of Granada; he works as a college math teacher, a programmer and interpreter from Arabic into Spanish. Astronomy amateur and sky watching.