Shaykh Abdullah Hakim Quick #Kanoute4SevilleMosque

We would like to convey our most sincere gratitude to Shaykh Abdullah Hakim Quick for his support of the project of Mosque, Islamic Cultural Centre and Awqaf the Seville Mosque Foundation through the #Kanoute4SevilleMosque campaign.

Over the past four decades Quick has travelled to 61 countries where he lectured at universities, mosques and at public events. He has also served as an imam, teacher, counsellor and media consultant in the USA, Canada, South Africa and the West Indies. He is currently senior lecturer with the Islamic Institute of Toronto (I.I.T.) and the outreach coordinator with the Canadian Council of Imams. He is also the history department head and a lecturer at AlMaghrib Institute and advisory committee member at Islamic Online University.

In recognition of the contribution he has made to Canada, Quick has received the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal.

May Allah reward him with all the best in this life and the next. Amin.