Visit from the students of Verto Education Spring 2024

This year, in the spring of 2024, we have had the pleasure of welcoming students from Verto Education to Seville. This year the students were treated to a momentous event where they got to bear witness to a young lady taking her Shahada. The students got to see first-hand what happens when someone becomes a Muslim and what it entails besides just hearing about it. This underlines the importance of these visits toward educating and inviting people into the house of Allah so that they can experience what Islam is besides just receiving information through the media.

The visit, now a customary event among the students who come to Seville, is part of a series of cultural activities to get to know our city and its history. During the visit to the mosque, in particular, we try to give them a taste of our city’s Islamic heritage and a brief explanation of Islam and the activities and objectives of our entity. And to conclude, there’s always an interesting round of questions and answers with the students.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their visit, interest, and courtesy and to highlight our open-door policy for individuals or groups interested in learning about the mosque, Islam, or any issue that we can help address.