How to become Muslim

To become a Muslim or to take the Shahada means accepting Allah, alone and without associates, as a God and Muhammad, peace be upon him, as His Messenger, and committing to follow what He has ordered and abandon what He has forbidden us.

Although the acceptance of this occurs in the heart of the person, the ulama indicate that the acceptance in the heart must be manifested in the tongue and followed by the members, that is to say, that we carry out the prescribed actions.

Becoming Muslim also has a social dimension that involves aspects such as marriage, inheritance or being buried in a Muslim cemetery. For these reasons those who wish to become a Muslim should do the Shahada in front of witnesses so that it is known amongst the community.

From the Seville Mosque Foundation, we do everything possible to facilitate this simple process to those who are interested. There are three phases that we have established to make sure that whoever takes this step has everything he needs.

  1. Make an appointment with us where we will explain to you the essentials that you should know as a Muslim and we will try to answer your doubts. You can also attend our weekly classes for new Muslims and people interested in Islam. Once you have made the decision,
  2. Make an appointment to pronounce the Shahada in front of witnesses. Since this is a simple act without protocol, we will arrange a day for you to pronounce the Shahada in the Mosque, or another place of convenience.
  3. Once you have taken the Shahada, we recommend that you go to the weekly classes for new Muslims and people interested in Islam to learn the basics you need to know to carry out your obligations as a Muslim. In these classes we try to offer the necessary information and guidance to facilitate this stage of learning.

We recommend that those who have become Muslims keep a relationship with a community or mosque, since keeping company is one of the keys to strengthen our belief and knowledge as Muslims. At the Seville Mosque Foundation we have a series of activities that you can check on our website and to which everyone is invited.