Jalid Nieto Moreno.  Seville Mosque Foundation


1. Religion, What Religion?.

When we talk about “believers” and “non-believers”, what do we proport to believe or not believe? When we speak of “secular culture” as opposed to “religious faith”, what “culture” and what “faith” do we qualify? When we talk about culture, civilization, religion, common or public opinion, politics, war, peace, homeland, justice, liberalism, globalization, terrorism… What are we talking about? What are we discussing? Why would we fight, bomb and kill? Because of religion? What religion are we talking about and on what basis, if we don’t even know what religion is?

If we really want to do something in the path of peace in this age that we have lived in, one of the precautions that we must take is to make a critical mass of people of influence fully aware of the degree of confusion that occurs in the public debate around the big issues that are addressed in the mass media, people who have never made the slightest reflection on the meaning of the words for which they dispute.

One of the biggest disservice in the world debate is the contrast between the human importance of religious activity and the ignorance with which religious fact is despised.

But isn’t this the activity of all fanatics when considering any religion outside of their own? Could it be that these so-called secularists are actually believers in a religion hidden behind the mask of politics?


2. Western Muslims.

I will not go into answering these questions, nor will I eliminate clichés or refute events that distract attention from what is truly important in the lives of Muslim converts to Islam in the West.

They would be surprised if I told them that the important thing is to discover Islam. We have arranged for it in all the orders of the sciences of Din: Jurisprudence (Fiq), belief (Aquida) and the sciences of the heart (Tassawuf), as well as history, to understand with experiential clarity what the Message represents and what changes In our life.

We have been in Spain for more than 40 years in this process that seeks the truth of things in depth. In the attitude of not allowing anything to be enthroned within us with dominance over us except what is BEING.

This was the attitude of the Hanif – Sayyidina Ibrahim, Aleihi salam, when he confronted the entire society of his time by destroying the idols that his own father carved with his hands.

With this attitude, which is a mark in man, an innate tendency, and which the Koran calls “fitra”, our lives go by tearing down idols that do not deserve our submission.

Many of the Spanish Muslims have found that Islam is the method par excellence that makes the heart and intellect not stop until they merge with the Truth. We could say to burn in it. (Al Haqq al Yaqin). And on this frame, we have made a double path, that of internal realities, and another in close correspondence with the reality that circumscribes us.

Three fundamental themes appear as far as we are concerned:

A. The understanding of our death.

B. The cleansing of the ego as an element that tyrannizes our transformative core.

C. The eradication of the concept of guilt as a mechanism of social slavery and historical and personal dependence.

Allow me two words about what I have just said.

A: Once our temporary limitation in the meanings and forms of this world, our perishable quality, is accepted, the great unknown opens: the belief in a future life, as a continuity of what is treasured in this one. I want to express that this is the limit that divides humanity into two large blocks and that is defined in the first verses of Surat al Baqara: “and of the Other Life they have certainty” (Quran 2,4.) and those who deny this possibility. And this is more conclusive in the civilizing mode than the belief in a Supreme Being.

In the thought of Al-Farabi, a sage of the 10th century of the common era, “the belief in which we live is the one that creates the social bond that manifests itself in the form of social organization, language, ethics, aesthetics, uses and customs and rites”. If we had time we could see how these two aspects of belief build DIFFERENT HAPPINESS PROJECTS and lead to societies that develop or not the concept of common well-being.

B: As for us, we have to say that if passions dominate our existence, without being able to give them a healthy outlet, we will find a being without transformative capacity, plunged into a battle between creative and reactive forces. Incapacitated in himself to impose justice and incapacitated to govern and judge fairly.

C: One of the most interesting aspects of world governance is to keep the individual and social human being dependent on debt, for which the action of dominance is exercised through this ancestral mechanism called “guilt”. We can say that the current slavery mechanism for individuals, families, and states (turned into collecting agents and paying endless interest) is debt. The mechanism apart from the coercive measures that are implemented to guarantee payment, with the approval of the governments, is without a doubt that the human being feels guilty. And this guilt is only released with the extinction of the payment of what is owed, something that in the case of the states is already impossible. The global plutarchy, whose money has gone up in smoke, only wants the payment of the interest generated, the burden of which affects all citizens, restricting rights and freedoms, and privatizing all services of a social nature. And for this, we must keep the pandemic of guilt active and the social actors drugged by power.

What is the fault of those who are born that they must deliver their blood to the monster that collects interest? This will not be a new original Sin that has been generated to subdue the human being from the religion of the Golden Calf, money fiction.

How then to free the human being from this tyrannical chain that has given rise to refugee camps everywhere and devastates large virgin areas of our planet?

What we have discovered in our perseverance is that Islam contains within itself a procedure that liberates the human being in his personal and social life.

That it is not culturally Arab, Pakistani or Nigerian, And that is why we are European Muslims and we love our land, our history and our people. In a pedagogical saying, our children are educated under the principle of love: Love for the country, Love for the landscape, Love for the countryman.

That it has a pattern of government that establishes justice for the underprivileged against the strong and opulent.

That he abolishes usury in commercial and contractual transactions and does not believe in paper money or in monetarist institutions.

That its justice system must be independent of the executive power, establishing personal jurisdiction and the inviolability of the home, and preventing espionage of privacy.

That recognizes in men and women the same right to develop their destiny as human beings.

That allows us to educate in the heroic character. Worthy of the highest European tradition: The Greek Paideia, and gives freedom to truly educate as each one chooses.

That it has developed some institutions and mechanisms to correct inequality, EL WAQF or Habus, which places property as an individual achievement at the service of the community.

And that in its form of expression and struggle it is outside the terrorist matrix that corsets the Muslim masses at this time.

From all this it follows that we cannot name any country as Muslim, but we only recognize territories where millions of people with an Islamic belief live.

3. The Global Breakdown.

The myth of the Global Village has fallen, the war in Ukraine shows that the world has split into two blocs, the western North and the so-called global South, which is home to 70% of the world’s population. Governments have implemented the single discourse supported by the pandemic, eliminating any critical element and expelling from the networks any opinion that diverges from the official story. We are living the same in the story created by NATO and the intelligence services about the war in Ukraine.

We have gone from the action to control a microbe, competing in the harshest measures against the population, to the fight for control of microchips that can lead to a worldwide conflict. We cannot guess in which scenarios we are going to live in the future, but it is intuited that it will not be a world in peace and balance. And one thing is what we want, well-being, happiness, human and spiritual growth, and another is what the mandate of the hegemonic powers and the government of corporations impose. From this perspective, let us briefly answer the topic that has brought us together.

“I have created you different so that you may recognize yourselves”, under this premise of the Koran, believers are prepared to accept the difference, within the Umma itself and the world in which they are inserted.

From a personal point of view, I would say that The Mestizaje is the future, a fact that will occur naturally in multiracial and multicultural societies, in which the highest cultural pattern will prevail in its artistic, literary, ethical, economic, and usage and customs expressions. healthy.

And likewise, for the present moment and to foster an open future, the

RESPECT AND COEXISTENCE of the diverse singularities and ways of understanding life

residents in the same habitat, be it urban or rural, rather than producing a cultural monstrosity

planned interactive. Time will speak, but we will be attentive to the diffusion of modes of

false life created by the FAKE NEWS and the use of Articial Intelligence

Good Afternoon.  Assalamualeikum. Salaam.

Cádiz, 2 Ramadan de 1444,   24 March 2023.