Zakat Reports

Report of ´Zakat Seville´ 2021

By the grace and generosity of Allah, we are honored and overwhelmed by the responsibility and trust that is being bestowed upon us to distribute an increasing amount of Zakat year after year. The ´Zakat Sevilla´ initiative, started in 2019 with the intention of establishing the third pillar of Islam, it has been running for three years now and has …

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Informe de ´Zakat Sevilla´ 2020

La iniciativa de ´Zakat Sevilla´ iniciada en 2019, con la intención de establecer el tercer pilar del Islam, cumple ya dos años y ha incrementado su capacidad de distribución exponencialmente en el año 2020, alhamdulillah. El Zakat recolectado no podia haber llegado en mejor momento teniendo en cuenta la difícil situación por la que está pasando tantísima gente y a …

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Zakat Seville 2019 report

The Seville Mosque Foundation launched the Zakat Seville initiative in early 2019 with the intention of establishing a platform to make it easier for those who have to receive the Zakat to know where and how they can do it and those who have to pay it know how and how much, of a transparent and responsible way among the …

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