Report of ´Zakat Seville´ 2021

By the grace and generosity of Allah, we are honored and overwhelmed by the responsibility and trust that is being bestowed upon us to distribute an increasing amount of Zakat year after year.

The ´Zakat Sevilla´ initiative, started in 2019 with the intention of establishing the third pillar of Islam, it has been running for three years now and has once again increased its distribution capacity exponentially in 2021, alhamdulillah.

Being on the front line of its distribution to the needy, the poor and the most vulnerable, we are privileged witnesses to the direct and undisputed blessing it has had on hundreds of lives over the past year.

Aiming to please Allah by establishing the pillar of Zakat, we are witnessing the greatness, baraka and social justice that this pillar of Islam brings through its active implementation.

Again, the Zakat collected could not have come at a better time considering the difficult situation that so many people are going through and that through the collection and distribution of Zakat it has been possible to help during the last year.

This initiative, which arises with the intention of establishing a platform to make it easier for those who have to receive Zakat to know where and how they can do it, and for those who have to pay it to know how and how much, in a transparent and responsible way among Muslims Seville, is bearing fruit and benefits beyond what we could imagine when it started. 

The following is the annual report for the year 2021. We ask Allah to make it easier for us to continue and expand this noble task. May Allah accept it from those who give it away and bless them for it. May it be a benefit to those who receive it. And may he increase us in taqwa and discernment at the time of its distribution. Amin. 

The collected Zakat is distributed in its entirety into the categories specified in the Qur’an. The Seville Mosque Foundation does not use, nor distribute for its purposes, expenses or projects, anything collected from Zakat.

The bank charges of the specific account for Zakat have amounted to € 341.45, which have been paid by the Seville Mosque Foundation.

Our special thanks to all those who have collaborated with the distribution of Zakat helping it to reach those most in need.