Services, Activities & Spaces

Services and Activities 

Islam is service, and we want to make the Islamic Cultural Centre of Seville an example of this. A service both for the growing Muslim community, and for the city as a whole. A place from where we can give and contribute, offer, and transmit at all possible levels.  Where the example comes through service and action. 

The activities of the Islamic Cultural Centre of Seville will be aimed at making Seville a cultural Islamic reference throughout the world. Exalting the historical legacy of Seville, seeking the enrichment of it, and giving it the deserved recognition throughout the Muslim world. The activities will always be open to the city, seeking clarification and better coexistence. Great importance will be given to children’s and youth activities. And open to the citizens’ initiative for its greater dynamism.

Below we expose a descriptive list with some of the activities and services that we hope to be able to offer to the city.

Organization of events and congresses
Events and congresses will be organized internally and by third parties that may fit into the centre’s line of work, opening the doors of these events to related institutions and organizations from around the world.

Conferences, seminars, forums, presentations
Attracting speakers from around the world of the highest intellectual level on current affairs, cultural, historical, medical, educational, etc.

Tourist attention and information
Spain is one of the European countries with the most Islamic historical and artistic heritage. This being a tourist attraction for growing Muslim tourism, which has an important economic impact on our city. The Islamic Cultural Center of Seville aims to be a reference and support in the city for this sector of the tourism market.

Classes will vary according to demand, with a constant and already established base, of Quran, Arabic and the basics of Islam, for children and young people. The classes for new Muslims and people interested in learning more about Islam will also continue. More will be added, such as professional guidance and training, history, science, literature, etc.

The workshops will be one of the keys to this project. We consider it basic since it is a great tool for interaction in a natural and relaxed way. Workshops of all kinds will be held, from biological and ethnic cooking, pastries, ceramics, calligraphy, childbirth and breastfeeding, reading, Andalusian arts, early childhood education and much more.

Exhibitions, art, photography, calligraphy, cinema, etc.
With the idea of opening an artistic and cultural window to the Islamic world and with collaborations with artists and international institutions. 

Business office
A space for commercial interaction, business, facilitation and investment between Muslim-majority countries and our city. Where to value and harness the contacts and connections developed in recent years and those that may come. Working with different local entities and organizations to promote and enhance our land.

Reception of delegations, authorities, etc.
In order to be a benchmark of Islam not only in Seville and Andalusia, but in Spain. We hope in this way to attract authorities, businessmen and celebrities from the Muslim world to Seville. Making this service available to local authorities and entities.

Schools and Institutes Receptions
The main intention of this service is to show the youngest what Islam is, to make it easier for them to grow up without prejudice and to be examples of respect and coexistence. We will explain what it means to be Muslim, so that they can differentiate religion from culture and can respond to their concerns.

Courses and camps
Apart from the regular classes there will be intensive courses and student exchange. As well as summer courses, where, using Seville as a base, we can travel with students throughout the Andalusian legacy.

The market will be held in the gardens of the Cultural Centre, initially once a month. A food and handicraft market, with special attention to quality, which will be attractive to both locals and visitors and with live music. The market will be free and without a fixed space for exhibitors, open to both visitors and merchants, for the entire city.

Weddings, Pilgrimage to Mecca and Burials
Within our facilities we will designate an office where Muslim weddings, pilgrimages to Mecca and the burial of Muslims will be managed. It will be a service for the Muslims of the city.
– Weddings will be done according to the legal and established requirements by Islamic tradition. Ensuring that all the requirements are present and providing the required documentation.
– The pilgrimage to Mecca is mandatory for every Muslim, if certain conditions are met. By offering this service our sole purpose is to organize travel packages to facilitate this obligation for Muslims in our city.
– It is established by the Spanish Constitution and Law 26/1992, by which agreements were signed and the rights of Muslims in Spain were recognized, that each person is free to be buried with their rituals according to her beliefs. This service will make available to the family of the deceased a dignified burial as established by the Islamic ritual and complying with the parameters established by Health. Always in collaboration with the Islamic Community of Seville ´Umma´, who have been managing the current Seville Muslim cemetery for more than 30 years.

Translations and Publications 
Translations, study and search of texts and documents, both current and from the time of the Muslims in Al-Andalus. Always seeking the dissemination of knowledge, making it available to Spanish-speaking people. Certified official translations will also be available for anyone who requires them.

Community kitchen
We want to start the development of a community and social dining room, helping to cover the basic needs of people with difficulties. 

Legal advice
Both in everything related to Islamic affairs, such as marriages or commercial contracts, as general legal advice.

Medical Section
The future medical services and activities that will be part of the Islamic Cultural Center of Seville are framed within a general framework for the dissemination of the Muslim medical-scientific historical heritage with qualified and qualified professionals at the service of Seville society.

The specific objectives would be aimed at:
1. Provision of medical consultation to cover Primary Care medical services. It will be available to the general public and Muslims in particular.
2. Dissemination of the historical-scientific-medical heritage of Medicine in Islam.
3. Creation of a Referential Consultative Body for Muslims on health / social / religious issues, in close cooperation with the Health Council of the Junta de Andalucía, in matters of Public Health and Preventive Medicine.


We want to make the architectural space of the project to shine by its external beauty as much as for its constant focus of activity. It will be designed in a way that is welcoming not only to the thousands of Muslims in the city and visitors but to the city’s neighbours as well. A place open in principles and architecture.

With sustainability in mind, the design will be conceived around the people and their purposes, not the building. And while including architectural aspects of the local centenary tradition, we want it to represent the present and future of Islam in Europe, adapted to the current times and challenges.

̈Allah is Beautiful and loves beauty ̈

Reception and information
Despite the different areas that the centre will have, the reception will be common for all of them, from there all the queries that may arise will be attended and resolved. 

Prayer Room
Mosque: it comes from the Arabic word masyid, which means place of prostration. This space intended for the establishment of the five obligatory prayers and the Yumu’a on Fridays should be a spacious, clean and safe place. With space for both men and women and conditioning for the necessary ablutions before praying.

Conference Room
An active space for the dissemination of knowledge. A room that can be accessed for use by different organizations. It will be equipped with the necessary audiovisual means for the events it hosts.

Multifunctional space for exhibitions and activities, seeking the collaboration of artists and local and international entities, where there may be fixed and traveling exhibitions.

There will be offices for internal use for the direction and management of the centre and others made available to the public to render the services that the centre will offer through related entities that can complement the purposes, services and activities of the centre.

Coworking Space
A space for both locals and international visitors. Where you can rent spaces of the size and duration required, fully equipped and with services included.

A library specialized in the dissemination and study of the Islamic world and the Andalusian legacy. It will have a large collection of reference works available to all who want to make use of it, as well as a catalog for consultation on the Internet in order to make it more accessible. Also a place quiet place for students. 

Community kitchens
The community canteens will contribute to meeting the needs of visitors, receptions, workers and the possibility of serving people with financial difficulties.

Nature is a constant throughout the Islamic world, its gardens and fountains being places of great relevance. The gardens will be a public access space helping to improve the conditioning and beautification of the environment where it is located and also a center for events and receptions.

Classrooms / Classes / Workshops / Children
To house the different activities that are to be carried out, the center’s facilities will have classrooms where classes or workshops will be held, spaces for children such as nursery and multipurpose rooms for press, conventions and events of all kinds.

Social space
Space dedicated to meeting the most basic needs of those in need. Through the collection, organization and distribution of food and clothing.

The idea of ​​making the CCIS self-sufficient requires providing it with elements that produce benefits, such as stores, thereby generating a productive activity from a socio-economic point of view. 

Restaurant / Cafe
Either the runed by the center, or a third party, a restaurant / cafeteria will be hosted as a meeting place. Making this yet another attraction for the growing Muslim tourism.

A public car park with the largest number of places possible will once again offer the CCIS the option of providing the CCIS with financial means to comfortably carry out the intended tasks, as well as an improvement in parking options in the area where it is located.