Indonesian travelers group visit to the Seville Mosque Foundation

Two weeks ago, the Seville Mosque Foundation received a visit from a group of Indonesians who were traveling by hand of Ilimtour. During their visit they showed interest in knowing the status of the Cultural Center construction project and the activities we carry out. Before leaving, they delivered a sadaqa as a show of support for the Foundation and the work we do.

For us it is a pleasure to be able to receive groups of visitors from other countries, since the doors of our center are always open for anyone who wants to visit us and learn more about who we are and the activities and projects we carry out.

It is also a pleasure to be able to collaborate with travel agencies such as Ilimtour, since these meetings make Muslims from all over the world come into contact and exchange ideas, experiences and forge ties between people from different countries. From the Foundation we wish you a good trip, may Allah reward you for your generosity and hopefully we will be able to receive you again soon, insha`allah.