We believe in a way of Islam that develops civilizations. That is why we have conceived our project, the Islamic Cultural Centre of Seville, as the best way to interact with the city and our human, historical and institutional context. A city that has inherited a great heritage in terms of wealth and representation throughout time.  

In this current time, the Spanish Muslims and neighbours of Seville, we want our city to shine as it has done it throughout history with a building that stands out because of its beauty, elegance and offering something new to the city. This will, without doubt, open new doors adding to the existing offer and creating a space for dialogue that will enrich every sphere. A place of interchange that will bring the Muslims out undergrounds and where Islam might be perceived in all its light.

An Islam which is dynamic and alive, that extended from east to west, that did not exclude cultures, on the other hand, it’s a means of relation between places as far as Indonesia and the Maghreb. An Islam completely against any radical position. From an understanding of the verses of the Quran where Allah says that “he has created you with differences so that you might know one another”, emerges an essential principle of our project: “Our wealth is in our diversity”.

We identify as European Muslims, not just by location, but by education too. We conceive culture beyond it identitarian expressive form, beyond countries and peoples, beyond the answer to quotidian needs or the individual expression. We understand it by its universal conception, it’s thought, it’s medicine, it’s relation to wealth, it’s technical form, it’s literature and all the arts that enhance the development and growth of the human being.

The background that inspires our project is the Imaret, that was traditionally conceived having spaces for teaching, medicine, library and study rooms, community dining rooms, spiritual place and mosque. As an element that is a model of creating culture and civilization.

We also understand that, in order to attract new avenues of wealth to the city, it must contain a business centre and tourism office that will show to the Muslim world what this city has to offer.

The success of this project, if God so wills, will enrich the city in all the previously mentioned aspects and we will be able to see an horizon that will establish a relationship with Islam beyond the tight frame of religion that its been impose on it, so that the city, its inhabitants and institutions, will understand that this project answers a citizen’s need that it’s been formulated to enrich the social coexistence and development.

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