“The mosque will be built in Cartuja; period, there is nothing more to talk about” / Diario de Sevilla Categories: NOTICIAS

The mayor of Seville, Alfredo Sánchez Monteseirín, affirmed yesterday that the municipal government is not going to rethink the location of the mosque on Isla de la Cartuja and that in the planned plot “there will be a mosque, period, and there is nothing more to say”, when fulfilling all the requirements that the PGOU demands.

In an interview with the Efe agency, Monteseirín defended that the Cartuja 93 technology park, whose businessmen have opposed that location and have asked for its reconsideration, “has its delimitation and the island of La Cartuja, its urban design included in the PGOU” . The mayor emphasized that, within the planning of said area, there is a plot, among others, destined for endowment purposes, “that is, for a social or cultural facility, and that is where the mosque goes, because it meets the requirements that requires the General Plan”, to be allocated it to such use.

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