Photo gallery of the 12th Islamic Festival of Mértola

Below we present a gallery with some images of the XII Islamic Festival of Mértola and we take the opportunity to congratulate and thank the Chamber of Mértola, its great team and all the residents of Mértola for the spectacular festival this year, their great effort, generosity and hospitality towards us and all those who have been able to come to enjoy the festival.

I would also like to thank everyone who, with their help and collaboration, has made the Seville Mosque Foundation program possible within the festival, which has included their presence and words at the opening ceremony with the authorities; the Souk with 28 of our own stalls, including an institutional stall; the Adhan (call to Prayer) and Public Prayer; Dhikr evening and dinner for all attendees; and the conferences.

Above all, we thank the people of the community. May Allah reward you all. Amin