Audience with His Excellency, Mr. Rafael Mendívil Peydro, Spanish Ambassador to Turkey

Audience of the Delegation from the Seville Mosque Foundation, with His Excellency, Mr. Rafael Mendívil Peydro, Ambassador of Spain to Ankara, Turkey.

It has been an honor and joy to meet His Excellency to express the purpose of our journey; the presentation and collection of support for the project of the Islamic Cultural Center of Seville, and to be able to converse with him distantly about the situation of Muslims in Spain, the political situation in Turkey, the recent coup d’état, etc.

A country that has been repeatedly plagued by terrorism. A country that is an example and the head of refugee reception. In the front line in the fight against terrorism, both external and internal and still recovering from the recent coup attempt.

His Excellency, Mr. Rafael, Ambassador to a Muslim-majority country, and with experience in other countries like Afghanistan and Pakistan, understood perfectly the importance and relevance of a project of these characteristics, where an image of an integrator Islam, in coexistence with the society where it is rooted and totally against any radical position.

His advice on the Islamic Cultural Center of Seville and the Foundation’s relations with the Government of Turkey are taken with the greatest humility and gratitude.