Conferences in Melilla; “The Sufi Way: Recovering Islam”, July 20th and 21st

Coinciding with the annual Mausim of the Zawiya Al-Alawiya in Melilla, the second conference on Sufism in Melilla are organized with the generic title: “The Sufi Way: Recovering Islam”, on July 20th and 21st in the conference room located next to the Cerro at Palma Santa.

The lectures in spanish will be given in a single day, in the afternoon of Thursday, July 20th at 18:30 pm in the social place of the Islamic Community Al-Ihsan, in the street Cte. Jiménez Benhamu, a few meters from the well known Garage Escaño.

Specifically in this center Abderrahmán Borrás, family and community medicine doctor, will offer the talk titled: “Place of Sufism in Islam.”

He will be followed by Abdel Ghani Melara Navio, Imam st the Seville Mosque. Translator of the Holy Qur’an into Castilian, with the lecture: “The reality of the shaykh in tasawwuf as caliph of the Messenger of Al-lah” (s.a.s.).

The third will be by Ahmed Bermejo, Imam Khatib of the Great Mosque of Granada, with: “Sufism: the science of behavior.” The last one will be given by Sulayman De Diego, a university researcher on issues of Islamology and African studies. Doctor of Philosophy at the University of Seville, entitled “Under the shadow of the Prophet (s.a.s): Reflections on Sufism in the contemporary world”.

Melilla Hoy
July 16th, 2017.