The Imam of Granada supports the initiative to deny the funeral prayer to terrorists

The Imam of the Great Mosque of Granada, Sheykh Ahmed Bermejo, has supported the decision of the 130 Imams and British religious leaders not to officiate the traditional funeral prayer to the London terrorists, in which seven people died and 48 were wounded. Considers that it is “fruit of the satiety” by the fact that Islam is associated to this type of attacks.

“That the most prestigious imams of the United Kingdom have united in that declaration is fruit of that satiety to use the name of Islam for all this type of barbaries, is a very important step because it separates us like Muslims from the acts of that people, who claim to murder in the name of Allah, but none of their actions is within the established parameters”, Sheykh Ahmed Bermejo said in statements to Onda Cero collected by Europa Press.

The imam has explained that funeral prayer is one of the rights of those who die in the Muslim religion, but in this case, 130 imams and religious leaders of the United Kingdom have signed a declaration in which they agree to withdraw this right to terrorists who perpetrated the attack last Saturday and which, according to Bermejo, is a manifesto that “practically all imams around the world would sign enchanted because they are acts that can not be tolerated”.

As for prevention, Bermejo has recognized that “there is always more to be done” and has proposed that both Mosques and schools teach “the right Islam, the traditional one, which is completely out of all these extremisms”. In this sense, he has invited to speak “clearly” of this issue and to stop being “a taboo subject” because “it only leads to atrocities”.

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