Photo report from the visit to Holland

At the beginning of March 2016, a delegation of the Seville Mosque Foundation and from the Granada Mosque Foundation were invited to Holland by Sidi Mohammed Temsamani, founder of the Assalaam Mosque in Panningen, Netherlands, who has been decorated personally by King William Alexander in the Assalaam Mosque.

Soon we will publish in depth about the history of this great mosque, not by its size but by the great example of integration and improvement that has been, and is, for the whole world.

During the visit we presented the projects of the foundations from Seville and Granada in more than 18 mosques and to their communities, we met with various organizations and institutions of this country.

We want to express our sincere thanks to Sidi Mohamed Temsamani, his family, the community from Assalaam Mosque, and all other mosques that opened their doors to us, for all your effort, help, dedication, generosity and the hospitality they had with us during the trip.

Here we show a gallery of the trip.