Photo Reportage: #ATileForSeville

From the Seville Mosque Foundation we want to give our most since gratitude to the ONG Ukhwah for Ummah, for its initiative and great effort in the campaign #ATileForSeville. A campaign starring the famous Malaysian artists; Farah Fauzana (Radio DJ and TV presenter), Heliza Helmi (Presenter TV and singer), Fynn Jamal (Singer and writer) and Diana Amir (Actress and presenter), in order to raise finance for the Project of the Islamic Cultural Center of Seville .

Once again our gratitude to the artists for their effort and dedication. It has been a real honour and pleasure to share their company over these days. They are not only amazing artists, but great women with incredible hearts.

We also would like to acknowledge the support of their husbands and families and every one that has contributed to make this trip possible.

The campaign will be launched officially on May 24th. Twenty four 3min episodes, one every week for 6 months. Do not miss it!

And thank you for your support!