I Encounter of Coexistence Among Cultures, Bellavista, Seville.

Invited by the president of the ‘Neighbors Association Bellavista Unity’, the communication director of the Seville Mosque Foundation, Khalid Nieto, attended the encounter between cultures.

Khalid Nieto, partner number three of this historic association, and former president of the same, attended as president of the ‘ Muslims Association of Andalusia’ founded in Bellavista in 1996. In his speech he reviewed the presence of Muslims in Bellavista for more than thirty years.

This neighborhood coexistence has made immigrant Muslims have better integration than in other locations. He also expressed how a generation of more than thirty young people from Bellavista families have been educated in the local schools and how today are professionals and university students. He left open the collaboration with the neighbors and with the association itself and ended by thanking the organizers for this initiative.

The event was held with the sponsorship of La Caixa, the collaboration of the Three Cultures Foundation and the Bellavista-La Palmera District. A day to promote integration, participation and coexistence through different activities: cinema, colloquium, workshops, gastronomy, music…