Khalid Nieto at the Dialogue Table between Cultures, Seville

Last Saturday, December 2nd, the communication director of the Seville Mosque Foundation, Mr. Khalid Nieto participated in the 2nd meeting of dialogue between cultures; ‘Table of dialogue between cultures for peace and nonviolence’. Event organized by ‘Andalucía Intercultural Association’ and by ‘Claver Association’.

Hajj Khalid participated with two presentations. In the interreligious dialogue table he analyzed the concept of world ethics, presented in Seville in 1992 by the controversial theologian Hans King, at the ephemeral forum Prince of Asturias. Through 25 years of evolution of this concept, it was considered very critical with it’s results, before the war.

In the second one he explained how, from his educational experience, he has addressed, under the principles of education for diversity and inclusive education, educational experiences with young people, children of Muslim families in the city.

He explained in detail the aspects developed so that the second generation feels like theirs the city in which they live and as they have always been called and we call for active participation.

He also referred to the need to leave the ghettos, not only the one that fits in a given space but the psychological one that is as much or more important than the physical one.

The event was attended by Mr. Sidi Farid Aoulouhaj, General Consul to the Kingdom of Morocco in Seville and Ms. Micaela López, general director of equality and cooperation, from the Seville City Council.

The days ended with an intercultural tapas and an atmosphere of good camaraderie.