Statement from Marrakech


During the days 25th, 26th and 27th of January 2016, a summit meeting was held in Marrakech (Morocco) in order to publish a common declaration in defense of the rights of non-Muslim minorities in Muslim-majority countries:

Statement from Marrakech.

 The signatories of this initiative, by the invitation of King Mohammed VI from Morocco, gathered in this international summit meeting with more than 300 personalities from around the world, leaders, scholars, muftis, jurists and political representatives from different countries.

King Mohamed VI said in his message to the participants:

“The more I reflect on the various crises that threaten humanity, more firmly I believe that interfaith cooperation is necessary, inevitable and urgent. This cooperation among believers is fundamental in order to develop a common platform should not be limited to tolerance and respect, but should involve a commitment to the rights and freedoms to be enshrined in – and implemented by – the laws of each country. It is not enough to establish laws and codes of conduct. We need to adopt a civilized code of conduct that prohibits all forms of coercion, fanaticism and arrogance.

The world in which we live today needs religious values, because this religious values embody the virtues we must stand before the Creator. We need common values not only to nurture tolerance, but also to derive from them the energy and strength that will enable Man to examine himself. We need them because it can help us to unite in order to enjoy a life free from war, greed, extremism and hatred. A life where crises and human suffering can be reduced as a prelude to eliminating the risk of religious conflict. ”

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