Meeting with Prof. Dr. KH. Din Shamsuddin, Indonesia

During the recent visit done by the Seville Mosque Foundation to Indonesia we had the privilege of meeting again with Prof. Dr. KH. Din Shamsuddin, Special Presidential Envoy for Interreligious Dialogues and Civilization Affairs and HE Ibu Yuli Mupuni, Former Ambassador of Indonesia to Spain, to whom we would like to give our sincere thanks for her welcome and support to the project of the Islamic Cultural Center of Seville.

This was the second meeting with Prof. Dr. KH. Din Shamsuddin, with whom the Seville Mosque Foundation already had the honor of being able to meet previously. During this meeting to which various media were invited, Prof. Dr. KH. Din Shamsuddin, appealed to the Government, Institutions and individuals to support the project of the Seville Mosque Foundation. A series of scholarships for Spanish students was also offered and several future events were proposed in both Seville and Indonesia.