Presentation of C.O.A.M.U.R (Andalusian Coordinator of Rural Women’s Organizations)

On October 16, the official presentation of the organization COAMUR (Andalusian Coordinator of Rural Women’s Organizations) was held at the headquarters of the Three Cultures of the Mediterranean Foundation, to which the Seville Mosque Foundation was invited by courtesy of the ASIA Foundation .

The event was attended by various political personalities, such as the Exc. Mayor of Seville, Mr. Juan Espadas Cejas, Ms. Susana Díaz, Deputy of the PSOE in the Parliament of Andalusia, Ms. Rocío Ruiz Domínguez, Minister of Equality, Social Policies and Conciliation of the Junta de Andalucía, Ms. Rocío Sutil Domínguez, deputy of Equality and Social Cohesion of the Diputación de Sevilla, Mr. Charif Cherkaoui, Consul of Morocco and Mr. José Manuel Cervera, Director of the Three Cultures of the Mediterranean Foundation. The Seville Mosque Mezquita Foundation was represented by Ms. Fátima Zamorano García.

The presentation of the organization COAMUR was in charge of Ms. Adela Romero Ruano, president of COAMUR and Ms. Francisca Gago Aguilera, president of the Federation of Associations of Rural Women Sol, who explained to the audience the reason for the creation of COAMUR, its objectives and fields of action, whose purpose is to show the role of women in the history of the rural world, exposing the invisibility of their work and their necessary intervention in the agricultural economy.

After this, the alliances and fields of action of this organization were presented by the different presidents of the organizations with which COAMUR maintains these relations.

At this table, various topics of action were presented, such as agricultural sustainability, the role of rural women, the paradigm shift of poverty and ignorance as a cliché, the empowerment of shared ownership of agricultural activity, the lifting of sectors service and companies in the agricultural area, the diversification of employment and the plurilaboral option of the farmer and especially the protection of invisible rural women and gender violence in the elderly.

After this, a concert by the artist Lourdes Pastor Martínez and a farewell glass by Natural Catering were offered. From the Seville Mosque Foundation we offer all our support to this initiative and we wish the best of luck to the COAMUR Foundation in the development of its activities, since the protection and development of women is a matter of social priority, in pursuit of to achieve a more just society and world, where rights and freedoms exist in all people equally and inequalities end up disappearing.