Ramadan Program, 2016


Ramadan program for the Seville Mosque Foundation for the month of Ramadan 2016:

  • Iftar. Dates, milk and water will be served. And after Salat al Maghrib, soup and light dinner.
  • Tarawih. Every day after Salat al Isha. Hafith Aiman Madero.
  • Tafsir classes. On Tuesdays and Saturdays, half an hour before Maghrib, the Quran Tafsir from Al-Qurtubi. Hafith Aiman Madero.
  • Layla tul Qader. There will be program throughout the night of the 27th of Ramadan, until Fajr.
  • Jumu’ah. The khutba begins at 15:00.
  • Eid al Fitr. The prayer will be at the Alamillo Park. At 9.00 the dhikr will began, and at 9.15 Salat and khutba will be done.

Remember that the Zakat al Fitr must be given between Maghrib from the day the moon is seen and before the start of the Salat in the Eid day. In the website will be notified of the sighting of the moon for both the beginning and the end of Ramadan. There will also be a map with the location of Eid at the Alamillo Park.