Reception of Pak Ridwan Kamil in Seville and the Great Mosque of Granada

A real pleasure to receive Pak Ridwan Kamil, at the Great Mosque of Granada and Seville together with his family and companions. Pak Ridwan is Mayor of Bandung, Indonesia, and we hope that in the coming months, Governor of West Java, Indonesia, with a population of 45 million people. Pak Ridwan is also a world-renowned architect, and especially known for his Mosque designs.

We are very grateful for his visit and the possibility of a future collaboration in the designs of the Islamic Cultural Center of Seville. We hope to create together an architectural space that not only looks for its external beauty but for it’s constant focus of activity and also as other attraction in the city. It will be designed in a way that is welcoming not only for the thousands of Muslims in the city and visitors but for the residents of this city as well. A place open in principles and architecture.