Abdurrahman’s Shahada – New Muslim.

Yesterday, Tuesday the 26th of October, at the time of magrib, Hajj Abdel Ghani Melara, Imam Khatib of the Mosque took the shahada to Jose Antonio, now Abdurrahman. It is a privilege and honor to have witnessed this shahada.

The shahada is the belief and testimony that there is no God but Al-lah and that Muhammad is His messenger. The definition of the shahada is: to express it with the tongue and to believe it with the heart. It is the moment of public acceptance of Islam, which consists in affirming with sincere and free belief the shahada before Muslim witnesses and from that moment it becomes obligatory the other four worship practices or pillars of Islam: The Salat, Zakat, fasting during Ramadan and the pilgrimage.

Perhaps it is an act that we have become used to it, because of its frequency and constancy in recent years. Every day thousands of people accept Islam in the world. Islam is an individual and social choice for many people of our time. A spiritual path of worship and closeness to the Creator, as well as a guide to wisdom in each and every aspect of life. Practices that transform the person inwardly, change their behavior and character and make them a member of a brotherhood which knows no boundaries, no geographical, racial or class boundaries.

Our most sincere welcome and best wishes to our brother, Abdurrahman.