X Islamic Festival of Mertola

Every second year, since twenty years ago, the Seville Mosque Foundation and the Islamic Community in Spain participates, together with the Municipal Chamber of Mértola and other entities in the organization of the Islamic Festival of Mértola.

This festival, the tenth edition of which during the 16, 17, 18 and 19 of May, has grown in quality, relevance and size over the years, establishing itself as a national reference in Portugal.

This tenth edition has been another example of dedication and perseverance in good work which was reflected in a festival with a wide cultural offer of workshops, exhibitions, concerts, etc. In addition to the characteristical market.

One of the most noticed things in this edition has been the absence of many Muslims in the market and in other places of the festival due to the month of Ramadan. Despite this, the Seville Mosque Foundation has been present at the inauguration and throughout the festival with an institutional stand and delivering conferences.

Part of the intention of the participation of the Foundation in this festival is to show, through close and commercial relationships in the market, conferences and a night of dhikra, that Islam is not strange to this land, but part of the cultural heritage and element of value for the future.

The next edition will be, God willing, in 2021, and we hope it’s even better than this one.