Du’a Násiri – The Du’a in the difficulty and in search of refuge in Allah against oppression (Arabic AUDIO and English Translation)

Du’a Násiri
Shaykh Muhammad – Fatha – ibn Muhammad ibn Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn al-Husayn ibn Nasir ibn ‘Amr ad-Dar’i al-Aghlabi
(d 1085 AH)

“… It has been shown that this plea alleviates punishment and helps to overcome difficult situations, especially when they have to do with society and are related to issues that concern all Muslims. The people of Fez call it “The Sword of Ibn Nasir”. They used to teach it to the students of the Quranic madrasas and used it to seek refuge in Allah during the time of French occupation and repression. This is the custom of Muslims: to seek refuge in Allah the Almighty in times of difficulty. Your Lord says, “Call me and I will answer you.” (40:60)

And we ask Allah the Almighty to give a good ending to our lives and those of all Muslims, make us follow the path of the best Salaf of the Muslim Community, fill our hearts with what pleases Him, and be kind to us in all states. Salam.”

Muhammad ibn ‘Abdullah ar-Radani
Rabat 1399/1979

Du’a Násiri

Shaykh Muhammad ibn Nasir ibn ‘Amr ad-Dar’i al-Aghlabi
(d. 1085 AH)

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