Point of aid collection for the natural disaster of Sierra Leone

As a result of the event held on September 22nd at the Civic Center Las Sirenas in Seville, the Seville Mosque Foundation has offered the Mosque as a collection point for clothing, toys and household and kitchen utensils, which will be collected and sent by the’APPICA Association’ (Progressive Portal Immigrant African Culture), to those affected by the natural disaster of Sierra Leone.

If you want to collaborate you can go in salat hours and leave them in the space enabled for it. The campaign will be active until the end of October. The boxes will be collected weekly by the APPICA Association, who will be in charge of the collection of all points and their subsequent dispatch and distribution in Sierra Leone.

The points enabled are as follows:

Seville Mosque Foundation
Plaza Ponce de León, 9

Master phone
Avenida doctor fedriani nº31 local b

Centro cívico los carteros
Avenida Alcalde Manuel de Valle s / n.

Mujeres entre mundo
Calle Sebastián llano nº 28

For more information please contact: appica2000@gmail.com