Malaysian students in Ireland join the #ATileForSeville campaign.

Yesterday we had the pleasure of receiving a group of Malay students, medicine and pharmacy, in their fourth year of studies in Ireland. From the Seville Mosque Foundation we wanted to thank them publicly for their effort and generosity.

These students since they knew about the #ATileForSeville campaign, from Ukhwah for Ummah, where more than 15,000 people have contributed until this day, so these students decided to make their own fundraising campaign for the Islamic Cultural Center, Mosque and Awqaf of Seville , among students and friends in Ireland.

Our sincere thanks to all of them for their initiative and to all who have contributed to this campaign. Gestures like this are, without a doubt, an example and a joy for all of us. With this effort and with every grain of sand, as is the motto of our campaign ’tile by tile’, we will achieve the goal that we long for and desire. Insha Al-lah.