A walk through history and nature, Alcalá de Guadaíra. (Photo gallery).


Under this denomination we have implemented a program of socio-educational activities, where through walks to different scenarios with historical enclave: towers, walls, minarets, ancient mosques, castles, historical towns, buhairah … and natural routes, link several objectives in a single activity.

Among these objectives we can highlight:

  • Encourage the love of the young people to our land and its places.
  • Appreciate and estimate the historical legacy as a cultural property of its own.
  • To enjoy places and enclaves with rich landscape both urban and rural.
  • Establish a meeting point between the participating families, fostering knowledge and coexistence.
  • Educate in courtesy and service to all participants and collaborative relationships.
  • To estimate the natural environment for enjoyment and knowledge.

In obedience to these principles we have performed a first activity; GUIDED VISIT TO THE CASTLE OF ALCALA DE GUADAIRA AND PATHWAY I, LA RIBERA DEL GUADAIRA.

Twenty-two children, aged between 6 and 10 years, in addition to their respective families, participated in it. In total almost forty people, coming from Dos hermanas, Bellavista, Bermejales, Cerro-Amate and some towns of the Sevillian Aljarafe.

The castle of Alcalá was established as a meeting point where participants enjoyed the direct experience of climbing towers and battlements, enjoying the wide perspective that the horizon offers both towards the river itself and towards the countryside. Over there we explain the origin of the name of Alcalá de Guadaira and its original pronunciation in Arabic, as well as the role of AL-QALAT in defensive systems.

Then we start the path along the river banks of the Guadaira from the Roman bridge to the thematic bridge of the Dragon. In this place we had the coexistence stop, sharing a snack, served by the volunteers parents, with special emphasis on the children being seated and serene at the time of receiving their snack. Once all were finish, a drawing activity of the natural was done, from where the view of the castle is one of the most spectacular.

As a final part of the activity the adults perform the midday prayer, asking for blessings for our children and families and for the children who suffer because of injustice and war, and for the whole Umma of Muhammad, saws.

Ultimately we want to say, that the activity was organized by the Association of Muslims of Andalusia (Bellavista 1996) as a part of its twentieth anniversary and the Seville Mosque Foundation, from its educational area. Given the openness and joy experienced, the parents renewed their promise to continue this cycle throughout the course.



Para bajarse foto original del grupo frente al castillo hacer click aquí.