María José Celemín with khalid Nieto, Seville

In only very small and select areas you can hear the good manners, the welcome and the sense of hospitality. In Islam we know it with the word “Adab”, which is nothing but good education, politeness. Beyond a banal conversation, intellectual refinement and delight with things of the arts, poetry, painting or music. Going to Seville for work, I wrote to the Seville Mosque Foundation so that someone would teach me the secret and sacred corners of the city that are unknown to normal tours. A theophany, a manifestation of God in Nature, is through where Khalid Nieto, a good Cicerone, guided me through the Oromana Park with idyllic moments and images, a place that Khalid has carried in his heart since childhood. San Juan de la Cruz (St. John of the Cross) and symbolic elements common among Christians, Sufis and Muslims; An inheritance that is still alive and floating in the air. A quick visit to a Faith brother’s tea shop, and as always, openness, welcome, detachment and warmth, which continues to define the hospitality of an East that has not yet been desatomized and cooled as in the West.

A time in which the falsification of reality and the plastic of materialism dress in authenticity, in which one wonders where is the compassion left, the empathy, the warmth, where the materialism of the West has cooled hearts, one finds himself with certain areas, certain reservations of the spiritual, with an aristocracy of the emotional and the heart and the essence of Tradition connects with the deepest of the human being.

María José Celemín