Recording the TV series by TVa, ‘Air Mata Di Bumi Matador’, Seville

During the last days has been recording in Seville a series by TVa ‘Air Mata Di Bumi Matador’, from Malaysia.

A TV series of 26 chapters (based on real events) of some young people who collaborate with the Seville Mosque Foundation in the project of the Islamic Cultural Center, Mosque and Awqaf of Seville!

Recorded in Malaysia, Seville, Granada and Ronda. With cameo of the vice president of the Seville Mosque Foundation.

Our most sincere thanks to all who have made it possible. From the TV channel, the producer, director, actors and production team!! A real pleasure to work with all of them in this production, we wish them all success with the series and hope that with it will contribute to create awareness of the desire and need of the Muslims of Seville to have a place worthy of light and expansion. Insha Allah!