Students reception from the Seville University

Yesterday, Khalid Nieto, Communication Director of the Seville Mosque Foundation, received two students from the Faculty of Communication from the University of Seville at the headquarters of the Foundation and Mosque.

José Manuel and Daniel, who are studying second in journalism, are doing work on the integration of different beliefs and cultures in the city of Seville. It was a pleasure to receive them and be able to contribute to their work, in which we wish them all success.

We would also like to thank Antonio Chaves, from the Tres Culturas Foundation, for his confidence in having referred us to the students for their reception and help with their work.

We take the opportunity from the Seville Mosque Foundation to reiterate our offer and policy of open doors for all those to whom we can help and collaborate with, to the extent of our possibilities, with any subject related to Islam in the fields of study, research and work .