Shaykh Ahmed Bermejo, invited to give a series of lectures at the XX MAS Congress, USA

And we have not sent you except as mercy for all the worlds.
Surah of the Prophets, 107.

Shaykh Ahmed Bermejo, Imam of the Great Mosque of Granada, has been invited as lecturer to the XX International Congress of MAS, which is being held these days in Ontario, USA. The lecturer of Sheikh Ahmed are; ‘Strength is in unity’, ‘Our children, our future’ and ‘Change begins in ourselves’.

This year’s convention program brings together more than 30 local, national and international speakers and experts to address the American Muslim community in Southern California. Continuing with the successful last year launch of ‘MAS in Spanish’, this year’s content will be presented in English, Arabic and Spanish with simultaneous sessions.

Two full days of presentations in Spanish with Islamic themes relevant to the Latino community. The Latino Muslim community has long been an active part of the dynamics of Southern California. The American Muslim Society wishes to increase awareness of this collective, as well as create a forum for active Latino Muslims to educate, involve and support community members in the Spanish language.