Meeting with Ignacio Caraballo, President of Huelva Deputation and Manuel Redaño, Manager of FAMSI

It has been an honor and privilege for us to be called to collaborate with FAMSI (Andalusian Fund of Municipalities for International Solidarity), where we will try to add our grain of sand in their great international social work.

This first contact with FAMSI, and Ignacio Caraballo, President of Huelva Deputation, with the Islamic Community in Spain, through its President Malik Ruiz and the representatives of the Seville Mosque Foundation, Ibrahim Hernández and Khalid Nieto, has been with the noble purpose of promoting equality and integration of Muslim minorities in this province.

Within the proposals of this first meeting various actions and areas of work were valued, which we hope we can put to good use in the near future.

FAMSI is a network of local governments and other social organizations, born in 2000 to work in cooperation and awareness and that have incorporated external action and solidarity to their tasks.

The objective of the Andalusian Fund of Municipalities for International Solidarity is to promote a fairer world from the cooperation of local governments, supporting initiatives based on Andalusian solidarity.