Statement of Gratitude to Malaysians


From Fundación Mezquita de Sevilla, we want to transmit our most sincere gratitude to every single Malaysian who has help us along the way in our recent visit to Malaysia to present the project of the Mosque, Islamic Cultural Centre and Waqf of Seville.

We are truly overwhelmed by the courtesy, hospitality and generosity with which we were received everywhere. It has been a great blessing.

It was a clear sign of the greatness of Allah´s Ummah. Where Muslims that stand thousands of miles apart show that intrinsic care and concern for each other with no other aim that to selflessly help to elevate the Muslims and the Din of Allah.

We have returned with greater certainty, strength, and the highest opinion of Allah, to continue working on this project. The importance and repercussion of which is of outmost significance.

We ask Allah to protect and reward each one of you, for your attention and generosity. To give you and your families increase. And strengthen our ties in love of Allah. And I ask Allah to give us all success and all that we need in this undertaking.

Assalamu Alaikum,

Ibrahim Hernández

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