Workshop on how to prevent and confront Islamophobia

Islamophobia is a form of rejection, aversion and hostility towards Islam and everything related to it -real or not, that is, supposedly related to it, even if it is not-; and towards Muslims, which in certain circumstances can be combined -that is, not necessarily- with forms of religious intolerance, racism, xenophobia … It manifests itself in the form of prejudices, discrimination, offences, aggression and violence.

The workshop that took place yesterday, Tuesday 4th of December, at the headquarters of the Seville Mosque Foundation, tried to clarify concepts about what Islamophobia is, who does it affect, how it manifests itself and what can be done to prevent it and denounce it when it occurs.

The workshop was organized by the Moroccan Association for the Integration of Immigrants in collaboration with the Seville Mosque Foundation, and was taught by Rocio and Ana, who in addition to this, often participate in other workshops on Islamophobia in different institutions, schools, etc.

The participants in the workshop had the opportunity to express and contrast their opinions as well as to deepen into the meaning of what is Islamophobia and who does it affect, because despite being a phenomenon that has been recently named, its effects can be seen beyond the immediate present, for example, if we speak of historical Islamophobia.

From the Seville Mosque Foundation we want to thank all the members of the Moroccan Association for the Integration of Immigrants, especially Ana and Rocio, as well as all the participants who made this useful and constructive event possible.