Islamic Cultural Center of Seville – Current status of the project Categories: FUNDACION

The Seville Mosque Foundation continues to work unceasingly on the Seville Islamic Cultural Center project while maintaining and promoting its local activities and services.

The last year was marked by the gradual recovery and abandonment of post-pandemic restrictions, and other global conditions that have affected us all in a more or less direct way. There have also been important changes in the PGOU that have affected several of the land proposals that the Foundation has considered.

After the effort of the last few years, the added difficulties of the last two years and the current local and global situation, the board of the Seville Mosque Foundation decided to make a change in strategy, where priority will be given to finding a partner asset that understands the importance, necessity and repercussion of this project and shares our vision and passion for it, and wants to join what has already been achieved and work together to make this exciting project a reality. Insha Allah. Therefore, and for the moment, efforts will be focused on this line above others worked on in previous years.

We hope in the coming months to also resume the travel agenda, which will be reported.

Currently, although with several options on the table, the search continues and they are open to receiving proposals for land, as central as possible, but also buildings that can be adapted to the use and needs of the project.


The pandemic in which we are still immersed, which began in mid-March 2020, has undoubtedly affected us all, and in particular the plans, actions, trips and receptions regarding the project of the Islamic Cultural Center of Seville, but by no means paralyzed it.

Despite the added difficulty of these almost two years, we continue to work constantly for the purchase of the land and construction of the Islamic Cultural Center of Seville, while maintaining the activity, still limited today, in our current center.

During this time, a tremendous effort has been made to be able to help those most in need and affected by the pandemic through the distribution of food, aid and the distribution of zakat on a constant basis.

Despite the success of the last # Kanoute4SevilleMosque campaign, where, through the generosity of 22,262 people, more than $ 1,200,000 were donated, and the other campaigns and contributions from governments, institutions and individuals, which we have not stopped receiving, we are still far from being able to buy, with the funds available, any of the plots of land that have been evaluated.

The purpose of these campaigns and their media coverage was never exclusively to raise funding for the project, but at the same time to publicize, raise awareness and receive support for the project with the aim of reaching those who can have a decisive influence in the project.

Currently, while we have several options on the table, we are still looking, and open to receiving proposals for the land, as central as possible, but also buildings that can be adapted to the use and needs of the project.

We also hope that with the decline of the pandemic to be able to resume pending trips and the activities of the foundation at the national and international level.

We continue working with all the avenues open, and those that could open up, and we hope that the work done so far will soon bear fruit and translate into this project becoming a reality soon, Insha Allah.