Islamic Cultural Center of Seville – Current status of the project Categories: FUNDACION Timelines: Mezquita

While the activities and services at our current mosque, and those emanating from it, take up the most space in our public sphere, the Seville Mosque Foundation continues to work quietly but unceasingly on the project of the Seville Islamic Cultural Center.

Over the past few months, we have encountered new potential partners that have shown great interest and willingness to help with the construction of the project, and we hope that this will yield positive results, Insha Allah.

Conscious that acquiring the land will be a benchmark in the development of the project, we have been evaluating other options that maybe smaller or not so central, but more accessible, and considering the possibility of acquiring it with the funds already at disposal.

We are in close contact with several possible lands while we continue the search, from both the private and public sector, and always open to receiving new proposals for the land, as central as possible, but also buildings that can be adapted to the use and needs of the project.

We will continue working with all the avenues open, and are always open to new ones that may arise, with thehope that the work done so far will soon bear fruit and translate into this project becoming a reality soon, Insha Allah.