Press statement from the Seville Mosque Foundation Categories: COMUNICADOS

Since the Seville Mosque Foundation project started, we have received numerous expressions of interest from citizens and organizations. In addition to the attention of the press, we have received hundreds of questions and comments from residents of Seville.

Through this website and our official Twitter and Facebook accounts we have tried to share information and news in a transparent way. Communication through internet pages and social media has the great advantage of spreading information and putting people in contact with a simplicity unprecedented in history. Of course, it also has some serious drawbacks such as anonymity and misinformation.

Unfortunately, this summer the volume of misinformed comments, fake news and even the unauthorized use of our name has increased alarmingly. Initiatives of dubious intention are totally alien to the Seville Mosque Foundation and represent a step backwards in the open, transparent and constructive dialogue that Sevillians deserve. Inciting hatred, discrimination and violence is just the opposite of the values ​​that we defend from the Mosque Foundation of Seville: freedom of expression, freedom of conscience, tolerance and coexistence.

From the Seville Mosque Foundation we want to remind and clarify all those interested in our projects, activities and news, that our only and exclusive means used for communication are the ones listed below.

At the same time, we invite all those interested in knowing first-hand or having detailed information regarding everything related to the Seville Mosque Foundation to access the aforementioned media or to contact us directly.

It will be a pleasure for us to serve you and help you in whatever way we can, always on the basis of respect and open dialogue.


Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / YouTube: @MezquitaSevilla
Ibrahim Hernández Martínez
Vice president